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New Things at Disney Springs

Since the official announcement in 2013 of Disney’s newest expansion and redevelopment at Downtown Disney, we have all anxiously awaited the many new bars, shops, entertainment and restaurants that have been opening in phases and will continue until completion in 2016. I have to say that the all-new Disney Springs is one spectacular place that everyone should visit upon their vacation time here in Orlando, Florida. A Wonderful Visit to...

magicalvacationhomesblog | 04/28/2015

Eye Spy I-Drive, Orlando’s Newest Attractions

Looking for something new to try in Orlando during your upcoming vacation?  Explore all of the newest Orlando attractions at I-Drive 360 including the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussaud’s, SEA LIFE Aquarium and Skeletons: Animals Unveiled!  No visit to I-Drive would be complete without a ride on The Orlando Eye which provides you with 30 minutes of breathtaking views of Central Florida while standing an astonishing 400 feet tall. Enjoy the...

magicalvacationhomesblog | 04/17/2015

Bring People Together With PayByGroup

Are you planning a vacation with your friends and family?  Is the thought of trying to arrange payments, stressing you out already?  If so, we want to share something pretty magical with you! Introducing PayByGroup! This is an easy way to organize group payments for vacations, gifts, event tickets, and so much more while saving you time and eliminating the hassle of collecting money. Introducing PayByGroup All you need to...

magicalvacationhomesblog | 04/13/2015

Magical May Vacations

If you are planning a trip to Orlando, choosing when to visit is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Not only does the time of year affect the crowd level and the weather but also the special events. For those of you looking to avoid large summer crowds, plan for May vacations.  You will experience opportune weather while getting the most out of your trip.  The water...

magicalvacationhomesblog | 04/8/2015

Quote of the Day!

Quote of the Day! “It is starts with a dream…Let us make your vacation dreams a reality!”

magicalvacationhomesblog | 04/8/2015

Every vacation could use a little magic!

Hello Families! Every vacation could use a little magic! We are Magical Vacation Homes and we would like to proudly welcome you to our brand new blog. Here at Magical Vacation Homes, we treat our guests like family and we are not truly satisfied unless your vacation is truly magical. We are a family-owned and operated business that welcomes thousands of families each year, from all over the world to...

magicalvacationhomesblog | 04/7/2015