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Bring People Together With PayByGroup

Are you planning a vacation with your friends and family?  Is the thought of trying to arrange payments, stressing you out already?  If so, we want to share something pretty magical with you! Introducing PayByGroup! This is an easy way to organize group payments for vacations, gifts, event tickets, and so much more while saving you time and eliminating the hassle of collecting money.

Introducing PayByGroup

All you need to do is provide PayByGroup the details of what you want to do, and they take care of the rest.  You no longer need to remind your friends to pay or spend time calculating how much everyone owes.  Simply pick the minimum amount or the minimum number of attendees needed and then invite your friends.  PayByGroup even sends payment reminders to the friends you have invited.  Once the tipping point is reached, the funds received will be deposited into your bank account. Sit back, relax and let PayByGroup do the work for you.  If only finding the perfect vacation home was that easy.  It can be with Magical Vacation Homes!  Let our reservations team guide you through the process with our personal knowledge of our entire inventory of over 200 exclusive rentals located within 3 of Orlando’s Finest Resorts! Until our next blog post! Have a magical day!