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Attend the Opening of Moana’s Journey of Water Attraction at Disney World

Whether you’re an adventurer looking to make the most of vibrant getaway fun, have a heart for sunny weather, or can’t wait to maximize time at world-class theme parks, heading to Orlando, Florida is a choice that’s bound to inspire. Here, guests can find a sprawling city filled with fun and entertainment year-round, not to mention amazing dining, shopping, wildlife watching, mini golf, spas, and events! No matter what your travel interests might be or what your perfect itinerary entails, Orlando has something exciting waiting for you. Even more is true for those who plan on spending quality time at Walt Disney World in Orlando! Known and loved for its many magical moments, annual festivals, costumed characters, and whimsical appeal, Walt Disney World is truly a theme park in a class of its own. Here, visitors are invited to let go of worries and focus exclusively on fun and imagination instead. The team at Disney is well-versed in the art of world-building that speaks to audiences on a meaningful level. When they released their film Moana, they captured the hearts and minds of an entirely new group of Disney enthusiasts who adore the characters, storyline, music, and beyond that this movie brought to the big screen. Now, Disney has done it again with the announcement that they’ll soon be opening Moana’s Journey of Water Attraction at their park! This late 2023 arrival is one that visitors who love Disney and the Moana film alike simply aren’t going to want to miss out on.

Water Comes to Life in Perfect Disney Style

Construction on Moana’s Journey of Water attraction has been underway for some time at Walt Disney World in Orlando and the park has announced they have plans to finally open the attraction to the public on October 1, 2023. While cast previews are scheduled through July and August, the public will be able to make the most of this exciting attraction in October when they head to Epcot and make their way to World Nature. The location is perfectly aligned with the theme of the Moana film as an area dedicated to showcasing the balance and beauty of nature itself. Moana’s Journey of Water attraction is part of a greater overhaul that’s been happening at the space at Epcot that exists between Spaceship Earth and World Showcase. It’s a highly anticipated attraction replacement for Journey Into Imagination and a portion of Innoventions West. Guests who visit Moana’s Journey of Water attraction will be able to enjoy the experience and also easily access the Seas and Land Pavilions in Epcot as well. Moana’s Journey of Water attraction is even more exciting as it’s the first of its kind on the park map to be inspired by this film!

Attraction Details

When guests have the chance to explore Moana’s Journey of Water attraction starting in October, they’ll find themselves enjoying a self-guided outdoor trail that’s set up differently than traditional Epcot rides. This attraction will be a great choice for guests of all ages (and heights) to experience with plans indicating the interactive trail will be fully inspired by the film’s colorful and captivating aesthetic. As guests follow along the trail, they’ll interact with water and learn more about how it moves from the sky to the oceans and around again. The magical pathway is bound to be inspiring, but also educational as it showcases the importance of water to the planet we call home. In many ways, it’s been hinted at that on this trail, water has a personality of its very own, much like in the film! A walk along the Moana’s Journey of Water attraction trail will be filled with lush, tropical surroundings and insightful moments. A highlight is sure to be the chance to get up close to the larger-than-life Te Fiti figure that will dominate the central portion of the trail. This goddess replica has been designed to inspire and fascinate visitors, inviting them back on the trail again and again. It will also certainly make for a wonderful photo opportunity. The combination of fun, beauty, and insightful features this attraction promises make it well worth adding to your must-visit list when October 1st rolls around this year.

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