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Check Out the Halloween Events Happening at Each Major Park in Orlando


Orlando, Florida has a way with attractions, landmarks, and one-of-a-kind activities that make it a destination worth visiting year-round. However, it’s hard to resist the appeal in the fall when the city and its major theme parks take time to put on their Halloween best! If you’re a traveler with a passion for all things spooky, thrills, and fun, you’ll find Orlando is brimming over with festive opportunities this time...

admin | 09/20/2023

Make Your Way to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando!

Everyone needs time away from the daily hustle and when you’re a traveler looking for a place to let go of stress and focus exclusively on the fun for a while, Orlando, Florida is the ultimate place to find yourself. This locale is loved by adventurers from across the map who are pursuing magical moments at theme parks as well as incredible experiences dining, shopping, and exploring in style. If...

admin | 08/31/2023

Attend the Opening of Moana’s Journey of Water Attraction at Disney World

New Attractions

Whether you’re an adventurer looking to make the most of vibrant getaway fun, have a heart for sunny weather, or can’t wait to maximize time at world-class theme parks, heading to Orlando, Florida is a choice that’s bound to inspire. Here, guests can find a sprawling city filled with fun and entertainment year-round, not to mention amazing dining, shopping, wildlife watching, mini golf, spas, and events! No matter what your...

admin | 08/21/2023

Attend Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween Party This Fall


Any time travelers have the opportunity to visit and enjoy a stay in sunny Orlando, Florida, it’s a trip worth taking. Whether you prefer to shop and dine your way through a vacation or you’re looking to get out and explore nature and wildlife at its best, Orlando has something for everyone that’s sure to inspire. From golf and whimsical museums to amazing galleries, theme parks, and spas, there’s no...

admin | 08/7/2023

Property Walkthrough: Electronic Ice Castle

Property Walkthrough

Families from across the country and world head to Orlando year after year in pursuit of magical moments enjoyed at world-class theme parks. This year, when you head to sunny Central Florida to savor time at Disney World and beyond, you can infuse the magic into your accommodations too when you book a stay in the Electronic Ice Castle through Magical Vacation Homes. This 8-bedroom, 9.5-bath retreat can welcome up...

Leigh Bateman | 07/20/2023

Don’t Miss Out on SeaWorld’s Craft Beer Festival


Spending time far from the daily grind of life can be refreshing and revitalizing, especially when you know that you’re heading to Orlando, Florida in the name of fun! Solo travelers, couples, and families, and friend groups alike find reasons to return to Orlando year after year in the name of one-of-a-kind adventures and magical moments. Whether you’re someone who can’t wait to shop and dine their way through a...

Leigh Bateman | 07/20/2023

Experience the Busch Gardens Summer Celebration in Orlando


There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to make the most of an Orlando-bound adventure. For travelers looking for a place to relax, unwind, and focus on the fun, Orlando has everything you’ve possibly been looking for and more! While Orlando is a city filled with fantastic food stops to enjoy, amazing theme parks to discover and wildlife and outdoor recreation of all types too to enjoy year-round, heading...

Leigh Bateman | 07/12/2023

Enjoy the 4th of July in Orlando


The 4th of July is just around the corner which makes now the perfect time to begin making plans to hit the road or skies and enjoy well-deserved time away in sunny Orlando, Florida. Heading here with family and friends in tow makes it that much more exciting and no matter what your travel interests might be, you’ll find the city is packed with options for fun this time of...

Leigh Bateman | 06/22/2023

Enjoy the Lakeridge Winery 24th Annual Harvest Festival in Orlando


When travelers head to Orlando, they often do so with a long list of activities and attractions to check out and enjoy with good reason. This year, consider adding a stop at the annual Harvest Festival Orlando at nearby Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards to your fun-filled itinerary. You won’t have to go far at all to find the fun and delicious moments that await! This is a highly anticipated annual...

Leigh Bateman | 06/13/2023

Come Experience Disney’s After Hours Events in Orlando


Year-round, a trip to Orlando, Florida is a chance for travelers to dive into the magic that awaits in the world-class theme parks the city calls its own. Many visitors head here specifically to make the most of the Disney fun with good reason! With plenty of parks to hop between as well as water parks and Disney Springs too, there’s no shortage of options for entertainment and thrills when...

Leigh Bateman | 05/25/2023