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What’s New At Walt Disney World Resort: Rainbow Disney Collection 2019

Celebrating Pride month just became extra colorful! Get ready to pridefully parade the colors of the rainbow throughout Walt Disney World® Resort. With the branded merchandise that has FINALLY hit the shelves, Disney-goers can do just that. You can now showcase the beauty of Pride through MagicBands, Mickey plushes and more with the new, 2019 Rainbow Disney Collection. This assortment of gear celebrates the love and diversity across the globe through its endless merchandise options available online and at Walt Disney World® Resort.

Rainbow Disney Collection Merch Galore!

We recently checked out the new merchandise at Disney Springs® to show some of what you may find on your next trip to the most magical place on Earth, and my oh MY, we could not get ENOUGH of what the mouse has to offer!

Rainbow Disney Collection Minnie Mouse Ear Headband

Another BEAUTIFUL pair of Minnie Mouse ears headbands have arrived, sporting all colors of the rainbow on its lollipop-like bow (at least that’s what it reminds us of). Rainbow Disney Collection Minnie Mouse Ear Headband, featuring a striped rainbow bow on black sequined minnie ears.

Mickey Mouse Rainbow Standing Pin

A collectible pin is also here to add to your ever-growing lanyard. Rainbow-striped pin shaped of body of Mickey Mouse laying on top of black sequined Minnie ears with rainbow bow.

Rainbow Disney Collection – Alex and Ani

For the many Alex and Ani fans out there, have no fear, your next bangles are here! Whether you’re feeling silver or leaning toward rose gold, you will still have pride in wearing whichever one you choose.

A right-angle shot of a packaged Alex and Ani bracelet. Bracelet is rose gold with a charm of Mickey hands making a heart that is rainbow-striped.A left-angle shot of a packaged Alex and Ani bracelet. Bracelet is coated in silver with a circle charm featuring gems that circle into a rainbow with a full-body Mickey in a rainbow-striped pattern.

Rainbow Disney Collection T-Shirts for Adults

A variety of t-shirts have also been introduced to the line, featuring simple designs that beautifully communicate the message behind the tee.

Cropped zoom-in of a gray Disney-tee that repeats "Walt Disney World" six times going down the shirt in a different color for each line (in order from top to bottom, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).Cropped zoom-in of a white Disney-tee that showcases the classic Mickey posed with one foot out and his hands crossed behind his back. He is colored in a rainbow-stripe pattern with black text that reads "Walt Disney World" below him.

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Tumbler

So, you can’t necessarily wear your pride gear all of the time, but you still want to show it off. No worries, the collection offers this ADORABLE tumbler, perfect for any work desk or gym trip! A large tumbler labeled "Walt Disney World" in white with the D featuring a Mickey head inside designed to look like a graph on the main circle and the two smaller circles showcasing the ears are colored fully in white. The cup design features a wave pattern where each wave is a different color to represent the rainbow (in order from top to bottom, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) with a red lid and the silhouette of Mickey that is showcased through the waves and behind the Walt Disney World label. Entire tumblr besides lid has faint glitter on it. Cup lays on top of black sequined Minnie ears with rainbow bow.

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse MagicBand 2

Walt Disney World® Annual Passholder maybe? MagicBand collector possibly? Well, no matter the case, the MagicBand assortment has expanded with a new addition to the family. You can find this little guy at various Walt Disney World® Resort locations. A pile of packaged MagicBands designed with a white silhouette of Mickey Mouse and a striped-rainbow band.

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Ears Baseball Cap for Adults

It is absolutely ESSENTIAL to shield your skin from the Florida sun rays! Pridefully protect your face with baseball caps! This one in particular definitely makes a statement. Whether you’re going for a subtle or stand-out look, there are options that will have you covered (literally). A zoomed-in photo of a baseball cap that has Mickey ears on it with rainbow-striping inside each year. Hat is red. In center of hat, it features a rainbow Mickey with a graph-like body. Hat is on mannequin.

Rainbow Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Light-Up Necklace

To end off the day, make sure to light up your evening with this magical Mickey Mouse necklace! Mannequin decorated in light-up necklace with light-up Mickey heads that are each a different color to represent the rainbow on a red wire string. Mannequin is wearing the white tee with the classic Mickey sticking out his foot with his arms crossed behind his back (Mickey is rainbow-striped in the order from top to bottom of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). Rounded collar and cut-off for the sleeves on the tee are red.

Support the Cause

Best of all, Walt Disney World® Resort kept in mind the message behind the rainbow. Until June 30, 2019, 10 percent of the collection proceeds will be donated to GLSEN, an education organization working to create inclusion and safety amongst K-12 students in the LGBTQ community. Keep in mind that there is still time to book your pride-filled trip to Walt Disney World® Resort! After gearing up in pride merch, book your Walt Disney World® Resort Theme Park Tickets here! Make sure to check out our available Magical Vacation Homes and see what we have to offer for your next magical getaway. Most importantly, happy Pride and make sure to spread the love!  

Until next time, have a Magical day!