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Inside the NBA Experience at Disney Springs

With the Orlando-area growing at the speed of light, there’s nothing better than discovering new attractions! Recently, we at Magical Vacation Homes got to see all of the excitement inside NBA Experience at Disney Springs in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. After enjoying HOURS of entertainment inside of this two-story complex, we were ready to get behind the keyboard and type away about all of the activities we enjoyed during our visit. Here’s OUR list (in no particular order) of our favorite attractions inside of NBA Experience! Inside of the entrance of NBA Experience at Disney Springs® (Lake Buena Vista, Florida). Giant "NBA" sign lit up in blue, white, and red with mannequins underneath holding basketballs.


This should be your first stop when entering the NBA Experience (after some photo-ops, of course. We’ll get to that later). The Draft Combine is where you showcase your “skills and abilities through a series of drills, tests, and measurements”. We absolutely loved this spot because it actually helps you learn about yourself! You run through three tests, wingspan, vertical leap, and shooting. Our personal favorite test was the vertical leap as it shows you how high your reach is when you jump and shoot, which can be well close to 7ft high (mind you, our group was an average of 5’7)! Photo of Draft Combine wall and TV screen (on right) in the queue for Draft Combine. Wall reads "Draft Combine, Where Draft hopefuls showcase their skills and abilities through a series of drills, tests and measurements, Let's see how you stack up!", TV features man sitting at desk on recorded broadcast. The NBA Experience, Disney Springs, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. This spot is ideal to visit before any other engaging basketball activities since it gives you the chance to practice some shots. Once you finish here, you’re ready to take on everything else!


Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. No, it’s not as easy as it looks. Situated on the second floor of the NBA Experience, this activity features a row of (you guessed it) slingshots! With these, you’ll be timed to make as many shots into the hoop with your basketball as you can while you compete alongside other players. The concept is simple, place your basketball into your slingshot and aim correctly to make the basket! It takes a lot of concentration with a dash of skill, and I will admit, I could not get a single point!   Why is it one of the best, though? Although it may be one of the harder activities, it’s definitely unique and keeps you wanting to come back and play over and over again. View from queue for Slingshot inside of the NBA Experience at Disney Springs® (Lake Buena Vista, Florida). View shows multiple basketball slingshots and wall behind them is decorated in hues of multicolored lights.


Newbie to basketball? We were, too! Don’t let that discourage you, though. On the first floor, you can learn about practically any team you can think of on a variety of touchscreens inside of the PLAYERS room. Entrance of Players inside of the NBA Experience at Disney Springs® (Lake Buena Vista, Florida). Entrance shows "PLAYERS" at top of photo with rectangular-shaped room that has multiple large touch screens and basketball memorabilia. This is the perfect spot to gain plenty of knowledge on wins, losses, team players, team colors, and more!