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Magical - VRMA SafeHome Magical - VRMA Safe Home Magical - VRMA Safe Home
For the past 13 years, we at Magical Vacation Homes have continuously worked to put our people first. Whether its the Magical staff or our thousands of guests from across the world, our top priority has always been to provide a clean and welcoming environment at every vacation rental we manage. As we continue to remain committed to everyone we serve, we are now implementing a new and improved procedure that enhances our existing quality cleaning guidelines. Magical Vacation Homes is now following the guidelines provided by SafeHome. If you think we did a great job before, we’re excited to show you that we’re determined to do even better. Introduced to the vacation rental industry by Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) and Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals (VRHP), these guidelines were designed to follow the recommendations from the CDC and ensure a home is cleaned to the highest standards. As we approach the world with a new normal, we want to make sure it’s a secure one. Our main goal is to welcome all of you, our magical guests, into a home you can feel good about entering.
Magical - VRMA Safe HomeMagical - VRMA Safe HomeMagical - VRMA Safe Home

Safeguarding Our Magical Team The key to an outstanding clean is the health and safety of our Magical Team. We have gone through vigorous training on social distancing methods, personal protection and both cleaning and hygienic actions for the self and the home. Any of our team members who arrive at work showing signs of illness, experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, or have come into contact with a person suspected of having the virus will be sent home and recommended to have themselves tested. Once we receive confirmation that this individual is healthy, we will welcome them back into our offices to continue serving our guests. All of our staff will be provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including face masks and disposable gloves at all times at your vacation rental. As maintenance requests do occur, we are now troubleshooting virtually through our Virtual Maintenance Assistance system. In the chance that an on-site visit is needed to solve any villa issues, our Maintenance Team and third-party vendors will maintain a safe distance and ask guests to not be present (by remaining out of the house or in a separate room) during their visit. This is our way of protecting both our staff and our guests at all times. Our Cleaning Practices
Magical - VRMA Safe Home Magical - VRMA Safe Home Magical - VRMA Safe Home
As always, our routine inspections are in place to ensure that your vacation rental meets all expectations. Having a show-ready villa is important, but in order for a villa to meet these standards, it has to be as clean as humanly possible. Our program promises to provide our guests with a thoroughly cleaned villa which includes such practices as washing and drying all towels, sheets and comforters at high temperatures. Staff will also use new gloves when handling disinfected items. Our team will also pay careful attention to high-touch surfaces including (but not limited to):
  • Doorknobs
  • Stair railings
  • Telephones
  • Remote controls
  • Television buttons
  • Sliding door handles
  • Touch screens
  • Kitchen appliances and fixtures
  • Light switches
All of these surfaces will be cleaned with hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectants to ensure that they are disinfected to the highest standards. Once these homes have been cleaned, our usual pre-arrival inspections will be performed to confirm that the villa meets the standards we have set. This final inspection confirms if a villa is show-ready and able to welcome its newest guests, making our procedures as thorough as possible. We Are Here For You, Always SafeHome as it provides exactly what’s needed for you to feel welcome, comfortable, and most importantly, worry-free. When you choose Magical Vacation Homes, you’re choosing the best for your family, something everyone searches for when planning their getaway. So go ahead and leave the worries behind. Let our Magical Promise give you the comfort you need to book yourself that much-needed vacation. And whether it’s in two months or a year, we’ll be here and ready to welcome you home.