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Re-Designing Your Vacation Rental for 2020

The 2010s has closed its final chapter and the design story of 2020 has flipped open its first page. A new decade calls for larger-than-life changes, both exciting and intriguing. One thing to point out that consistently evolves is interior design trends, and with the new era, we’re welcoming a long list of up-and-coming design ideas to follow. Re-designing your vacation rental for 2020 is something of great importance in order to obtain consistent bookings and revenue. With travelers in search of on-trend villas and condos to complement their aesthetic, we’ve narrowed down some of the best trends to follow for the new year and beyond.

1 – Bold Monochromatic

For years, designers have been following pale monochromatic trends with taupe’s, white’s, and gray’s.  With a new decade in full swing, we’re starting to see a growing trend in more color than ever, and that’s where bold monochromatic steps in. Try switching up your color scheme by introducing pops of color in different shades to give any room more personality and fantastic flow.

Yellow monochromatic kitchen

Credit: John Gruen

2 – Earth Tones

Cool tones have dominated interior design for quite some time, but we’re happy to see earth tones coming back to home interiors. Shades of yellow, green, brown, and deep blue welcomes the outdoors in and introduces warmness to the home. With guests wanting to feel at home in their vacation rental, this is a great way to implement that atmosphere.

Earth-tone living room


3 – A Bathroom with Pop

We’ve seen a lot of focus placed on bathroom design and that will continue in the new decade. Wow your guests when they enter a bathroom with dramatic colors and even some wallpaper (yes, wallpaper has made a strong comeback). These touches can make a big difference in a small room.

Golden bathroom with gold-leaf wallpaper

Credit: Nicki Pasqualone

4 – Bold Black & White

Not a fan of color in your vacation home but you still want to stay on trend? Bold black & white designs are proudly marching in alongside bold colors this year, and they truly make a statement in vacation homes. Whether you display these colors through furniture, fixtures, or flooring, your room will stand out amongst the rest.

Black and white-style living room


5 – Faux Marble Countertops

The beauty of marble transcends over many countertop choices, but its upkeep can be a hassle. Blow away your guests with the charm of a faux marble countertop. They’re so close to the real thing that no one will know the difference. And with many guests entering and leaving the vacation home, eliminating the worry of real marble through this elegant substitute is the wisest choice.

Faux marble white kitchen countertop


6 – Elaborate Bedroom Theming

This concept is only getting stronger in the 2020s. With families looking to give their kids an unforgettable experience, themed bedrooms provide the magic needed to do so. Of course, you must always follow copyright and licensing rules, but as long as that’s covered, let your imagination run wild and create a world they’ll never want to leave.

Fairytale wonderland-themed kids room at RVH_429, Magical Vacation Homes


7 – Round-Edge Furniture Pieces

It’s been interesting to see rounded shapes come into trend recently. With circular wall mirrors growing in popularity and fire bowls replacing resin fire coffee tables, it could have been assumed that furniture would follow suit. Decorate a space with furniture that contains rounded edges for a softer look throughout the room.

Rounded table next to blue couch in living room


8 – Washing a Room in One Paint Color

Embrace sophistication by washing a room with a single color of paint. Avoid white’s on this one and dive into other bright colors like gray and watch the room transform into a luxury space.

Gray ceilings and gray walls in a living room with fireplace

Credit: Gray Crawford</>

9 – Classic Interiors

We may be diving into the future but we’re bringing the classic interiors with us. Follow these designs with Euro-inspired furniture, and you have a room fit for kings, queens, and any other royalty that follows.

Classic gray living room

Credit: Your Space Furniture

10 – Dark-painted Doors

Add a pop of color in your room simply by painting your door. Create a contrast between the walls and the entrance for that extra touch of design.

Black painted doors in a white room

Credit: Love Create Celebrate

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a single room or re-designing your entire vacation rental, these 2020 style trends will keep your villa lively and rentable. Keep these ideas in mind when choosing your next paint color or side chair and we’re sure you will stay on trend for the new decade.