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Book Your 2021 Memorial Day Getaway to Orlando

There’s something wonderfully refreshing about knowing that when you need a break, you can simply pack your suitcase and hit the skies or road in search of sunnier destinations. Having far-flung destinations in mind when it’s time to relax and unwind can help maintain perspective when the responsibilities of life add up. That’s perhaps, what made the realities of 2020 so very difficult for those with a passion for travel. With health and safety concerns hitting unprecedented heights, 2020 was a time in which travelers had to put their plans and destinations on the back burner for an unknown amount of time for the greater good. When travel was taken off the table as an option, its importance likely became that much clearer. It’s also what makes the return to adventure in 2021 so exciting! With Memorial Day just around the corner, travelers across the country are looking forward to dusting off their suitcases and getting ready to enjoy time away from home! When you’re ready to savor a sensational getaway somewhere sunny, scenic, and endlessly fun, there’s no better place to set your travel sights than Orlando, Florida. This welcoming and often considered magical destination is truly one-of-a-kind. In 2021, it’s a place where your Memorial Day travel plans can thrive whether you’re looking forward to time spent downtown or out and about exploring. Orlando comes with the added benefit of being a sprawling city, giving visitors plenty of options to jump into activities or keep their distance and simply unwind according to preference. When versatility and options are a priority, your 2021 Memorial Day in Orlando promises to be a place where you can enjoy it all. When you’re ready to put the details on the itinerary, be sure to keep the following options top of mind!
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Book a Stay Defined by Luxury and Style

Whether your Orlando visit over Memorial Day is designed to revolve around Disney adventures or takes you far from the theme parks, booking a vacation rental that comes with plenty of luxury, and style to be enjoyed is a must! Having just the right rental reserved is a good way to be able to customize your stay no matter what the weather may be or your itinerary entails. The team at Magical Vacation Homes is a great place to start. We provide visitors with a wide variety of homes to choose from that range from cozy abodes to resort-style stays that incorporate every luxury and extra you could imagine. Your stay is bound to be elevated from start to finish when you book a property that provides spacious, open concept living paired with large windows that allow you to make the most of the view and enjoy the sunny Orlando weather every day of your stay. Many of these properties provide access to private decks, balconies, and patios for those who can’t wait to spend plenty of time in the sunshine without traveling far at all. Fully equipped kitchens in these rentals offer up the convenient option of picking and choosing between dining in and dining out during your Memorial Day stay. Tasteful furnishings mean you’ll always be cozy in your Orlando rental while access to Wi-Fi makes it simple to stream the shows and movies you love when you aren’t out exploring the city. Of course, those looking for even more will find it easily in these properties. Many rentals are booked within complexes that provide access to exciting features like large pools and hot tubs, arcades, entertainment rooms, lounges, grilling areas, and beyond! Your getaway for Memorial Day in Orlando is more than just a stay in Orlando—it’s an entire experience when you book through Magical Vacation Homes.
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Visit Discovery Cove

When you’re not enjoying the fun and adventure of Disney theme parks during your stay, you can make the most of a trip to Discovery Cove too! This destination is one for those with a passion for learning more about marine life and conservation efforts specific to the waters surrounding Florida. Get up close to dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays, and beyond when you make time for this family-friendly stop during your Memorial Day adventure.

Stroll International Drive

Orlando is notoriously brimming over with amazing restaurants, museums, and entertainment stops to check out. Many of them happen to be located on the iconic International Drive! Here, you can take time to stroll and check out the local and big-name eateries that line the street or step into the fun museums and galleries when you’re looking for something unique to do. A stop at ICON park is always a welcome retreat—especially when you’re looking forward to taking in the views from the 400-foot Ferris wheel that dominates the landscape.
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Book Your Stay for Memorial Day in Orlando

Your Memorial Day escape to Orlando is only a phone call away. Contact Magical Vacation Homes to learn more about our many area property options and to begin planning your next exciting adventure!