COVID -19 Updates

Our Commitment to You and Your Safety

The health and safety of our guests, homeowners, and our magical team continue to be our top priority, and that's why we have implemented the SafeHome Program into our cleaning practices. We have also adopted new flexible policies to help you make the best decisions for your family.

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Corporate Retreats

Planning your company’s corporate retreat? Instead of booking a block of hotel rooms and a conference room, consider renting a luxury home to bring your team closer together. Form genuine bonds and increase productivity while enjoying a comfortable, private and luxurious setting. Our properties are the perfect location to combine work, relaxation, and fun. Combine the three with plenty of space and privacy, as well as essentials including WiFi, SMART TVs, comfortable rooms and large meeting spaces. Our aim is to provide a villa equipped to accommodate your whole team for a variety of corporate retreats.




Dining table in RVH_385 showcased to emphasize plenty of room for corporate retreats.

Fell at home with casual meeting spaces. Leverage your corporate retreat space to build lasting and quality relationships with the people who truly become a second family. A casual meeting atmosphere can inspire attendees to feel more comfortable when sharing thoughts and ideas. Sitting around a large kitchen table or a luxurious living space breaks up the monotony of boardroom meetings and can inspire game-changing ideas.




Inspire your team by balancing work meetings and leisure time in our luxurious accommodations. Studies have shown that employee productivity significantly increases after a successful retreat. Boost morale with uninterrupted team-bonding time and see positive results once you’re back at the office.




There’s plenty of room for relaxation during corporate retreats at your own luxury mansion. Soak up some Florida sun during leisure time at your own private pool, without worrying about crowds or children. Many of our corporate properties feature state-of-the-art game rooms and home theaters, as well as luxurious private accommodations for employees to retreat to at the end of an eventful day. See all of our Elite Series Homes and pick the perfect rental to suit your needs.