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Cancellation Policy


If you are an international guest traveling from outside of the USA to Florida and were given a travel credit instead of enforcing the cancelation policy. Then we are offering an additional extension of 6 months if the borders are still closed at the 12-month expiration of your original dates. Therefore you will have 18 months from your original dates to re-book the same property. Please email with your original transaction number and desired new dates.


We sincerely hope that this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and well. We’re monitoring this constantly changing situation on a daily basis as it unfolds and doing our best to navigate it.

If you decided not to travel, we completely understand your decision. We understand there are many restrictions in place that mean it may not be your decision not to travel. The health and well-being of your family and friends are paramount. We’re not advising any guests they should or must travel. Please follow all guidelines and recommendations from the authorities when comes to the decision to travel. We understand that this is a very concerning and difficult time for our guests, we thank you for your patience as we continue to work through this. This has been an unprecedented challenge, we apologize if you have experienced any delays when it comes to communication.


Cancellation Policy

As you’re probably aware, our standard cancellation policy is that the reservation is 100% non-refundable once inside of 15 days of check-in. This policy is has been standard for the vacation rental industry, as the individual property owners have significant financial obligations they’re reliant on the rental revenue for.

You can view the cancellation policy and terms and conditions in the rental agreement, you should have a copy of the signed agreement in your emails.


Temporary One-Off Policy Concession

On a case by case basis, we have been reaching out to the individual property owners asking them to make a concession to the policy given the circumstances with the COVID-19 crisis. If approved on an individual reservation basis, you can cancel your stay now and receive a credit for a future stay in the same property anytime within 12 months of your original check-in date. This will allow you to travel at a later date once the restrictions have been lifted and you feel comfortable doing so.

This concession to the cancelation policy has significant financial implications to the property owner, not all owners are in a position to approve the request, so it is not guaranteed until after we have contacted the property owner.

If the original property you reserved is for any reason no longer under our management in the future, then we will offer alternative available properties to choose from based on price point. If the original home is still under management then the booking must remain in the same property.

All credit expire 12 months from the original check-in date.

A date changed is only allowed once per reservation.

New dates must be designated within 2 weeks of cancellation.

The credit is for the amount paid, if the new dates are a greater value, due to seasonality, the difference in price may need to be covered by the guest.

Should you decide to cancel, the new dates credit is non-refundable and the original cancellation terms will apply.

This concession is for bookings arriving after March 28th up to April 11th, 2020. This date range is something we will continue to evaluate as we learn more about how this crisis is evolving.

We recognize that this solution is not perfect for everyone. But we ask for your understanding that this a policy that best balances the interests of everyone involved. Our guests and our owners, both of which are very important to us.

To cancel your original dates and receive credit with us for new dates, please submit the form on this page, or email or call 1866-991-3158.