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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions in Orlando

When we go and visit someplace, we will, of course, go to those famous landmarks or attractions to which many others also are drawn. However, there are also days where we realize we are tired of the crowds and maybe want to do something unusual that most tourists will never get to see—possibly because they don’t know it exists. For those days where you want to walk along a trail that few have crossed, make sure you check out our list of the top five underrated things to do in Orlando!

Orlando Museum of Art

There is something about art that draws us, something about getting a glimpse into the mind of another, of being able to be amazed and awed by the talents of others. If you agree with this, make sure you stop by the Orlando Museum of Art! Several of their exhibits are not only incredible to behold but also fully interactive. You’ll see such sights as the large landscape photographs which demonstrate the slowly rising sea level of Miami.

Some will pull at heartstrings and bring emotions to your soul you never knew you could feel so strongly, such as the series of drawings that explore the life and death of a soldier. You’ll find that their exhibits often change, ensuring that every time you go it will be as if it was the first time you laid eyes upon it. Further, if you are an artist, or have a little one who is, make sure you enquire about their summer art programs which are all age-appropriate and include a variety of projects. However, adults aren’t forgotten, as they offer several adult programs which will have you following along with an instructor as your own hand creates a masterpiece. So, come and let that inner artist out and explore the halls of the Orlando Museum of Art!

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

Who doesn’t enjoy watching fish lazily drift through the water, their hypnotic swimming entrancing you, and all those who sit and gaze upon their constant journey? Well, if you agree with this, then you must check out the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, which hosts Florida’s only 360-degree ocean tunnel, allowing you to truly explore the depths the same as any diver, only you get to stay dry! You are sure to be entranced by their jellyfish wall consisting of hundreds of moon jelly. Will you have the courage to feed the tangs and watch the frenzy as they fight for a morsel of food?

Maybe you’ll get the chance to see Ted, their rescue turtle, as well as their other guests from the Indian Ocean. You’ll get to see everything from sharks to octopi to stingrays to seahorses and more at one of the most unique things to do in Orlando! They also offer a behind-the-scenes tour which, for a surprisingly low price, will let you see all the insider stuff that few realize goes into running such a large and interactive aquarium. So, why not join the fishes for an afternoon and explore their lives at the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium!

Crayola Experience Orlando

We all have fond memories of Crayola products, memories of being a child and creating art upon a piece of paper using nothing but the wax in our hands. Why not see these creative legends at their theme park here in Orlando? Over the size of a football field, here at the Crayola Experience, you will find here the perfect activity for you and your family, ranging from hands-on creative activities that will have both you and your little ones laughing and playing for an average of 3-4 hours! They are sure to have a blast in the color playground, which sits at two stories tall and is filled with obstacles, slides, and all the other things that we all love to clamber and play upon, even if our age doesn’t let us admit it anymore.

You can even leave with some new knowledge as they have several live shows demonstrating the hard science behind their famous products. You’ll even get to see the world’s largest Crayola crayon, and even get to become your own coloring book page at their coloring page photo booth! So, whether you are seeking to reignite the child within or bringing your own little ones to create new memories, make sure you check out the Crayola Experience in Orlando!

Orlando Science Center

There are many science lovers out there; some work in the field directly, while others retain the love as a hobby upon reaching adulthood. Well, whether you are a fellow science nerd looking to explore the world around you or have a little one who you wish you ignite that same spark in, you’ll love the Orlando Science Center! This 11,000-square-foot museum is filled with various exhibits, underrated things to do in Orlando, and interactive activities to have both you and your little one mesmerized and learning at the same time.

You might find enlightenment in the nature exhibits, where you will meet and learn of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. You might enjoy “Rescue,” which is an interactive exhibit showcasing the unknown stories of real-life heroes and the real-world rescue missions they set out upon. You also might enjoy the Food Hero’s exhibit, which looks at the food system and how it works, or your little ones might enjoy kids’ town, which is specially designed for children to be able to run around and explore while the entire time learning the intellectual beauty that science holds. They just might find their love of math and physics at the kinetic zone, which shows the process and ideas behind the engineering design process. These are just a couple of examples of the exhibits you’ll find yourself exploring.

However, there are many more that lie in wait for you to find and continue your intellectual adventure. If you are looking to share your love of science and the laws of the universe with your little one, make sure you check out the Orlando Science Center!

American Ghost Adventures

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for one to get into the spooky spirit; oftentimes, the pure joy of an entertaining fright can be loved no matter what time of the year it is! Nobody understands this better than American Ghost Adventures, who are sure to show you not only a unique tour but also an evening you won’t soon be forgetting. You won’t just be listening to stories of the other side from your guides as you walk through dark hallways which echo back the sound of your parties’ footfalls, and every creak becomes a banshee’s wail; you will become an actual ghost hunter for the night as both their two-hour and four-hour tours provide you with a slew of ghost hunting equipment and have you spending your evening actually searching for evidence of the other side! Their two-hour tour is the most popular, as you will explore a variety of buildings and hear their history and ghost stories from their halls before going on a brief investigation yourself to find evidence of the spirits of the past. Considering this is an ongoing investigation by the team, you’ll find that no two tours are alike!

If you are really searching for an experience, their four-hour ultimate tour includes all that you get in the first but with more time in each place, and is also substantially more laid back—plus, you get more specialized equipment, including Rem-pods, live EVP machines, night vision goggles, and more! Further, you’ll receive a special parting gift to remember your time walking through the halls of the long since deceased, searching the still air for a ghostly calling from the other side. They even offer a pub tour where you will be able to enjoy drinking some spirits while you listen to spine-chilling tales about the wandering ones. So, if you are looking for a unique time, and true story to tell, then make sure you check out American Ghost Adventures!

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