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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View in Orlando

We all are able to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, and many of us find a calmness to sitting someplace, enjoying the quacking of ducks or the chirping birds as they create a chorus to nature’s symphony. Even though you have ventured to a city, for those of you who wish to see the beauty that lies hidden amongst the concrete, check out our list for the top five Orlando views!

Greenwood Urban Wetlands

When we are searching for a view, there are times we may want a large variety of things to see and environments to explore. If that is what you are seeking, make sure you check out Greenwood Urban Wetlands. Hidden amongst the buildings and sidewalks, this wetland offers a wide variety of beautiful natural sights to see. For instance, you’ll love sitting by the lake, listening to duck’s quack and the soft whisper of a breeze; there is even a lovely walking path around the lake that includes bridges and the shade of trees! As well, make sure you check out the community garden, and if you are the studious type, why not grab a book at the library to read? You might find the onsite cemetery interesting to walk through and view the markers of the long since passed—you might even find a type of odd calmness there as you explore the forgotten tombs. Further, you’ll be able to find marshlands and a small creek that carves its way through the area. Finally, make sure you bring your fluffy little woofer, as they are more than welcome to come along and explore the natural beauty of Florida! So, why not spend an hour or two in bliss as you gaze over the lake, listening to the birds sing, and experiencing the calming nature of Greenwood Urban Wetlands!

Harry P. Leu Gardens

Can one imagine a view more glorious than that of stretching flowers whose vibrant petals paint the area in color? Or perhaps more peaceful than exploring a myriad of trees ranging from the tropical palms and cycads to ones whose flowers blossom and dance in the wind? Well, if this brings an image of paradise to your mind, make sure you check out the Harry P. Leu Gardens! These gardens are more than your typical small vegetable bed; they have a wide variety of different gardens which stretch out over 50 acres. You’ll find a variety of plants here, all of which call the temperate and tropical world their own. You’ll see such gorgeous works of nature like azaleas, vines, bromeliads, and philodendrons. Their rose garden is sure to have you feel the romance and intimacy in the air. As well, you might enjoy seeing their white garden, which is a favorite for weddings. You’ll even find items that are maybe not what we’d call beautiful but are nonetheless a wonder to see such as their herb and vegetable gardens! If you find yourself looking to take a brief break, make sure you stop by the Has Leu House Museum which is a wonderfully restored 19th century home and is even on the national register of historical places! So, why not see the best views in Orlando from Harry P. Leu and spend an afternoon surrounded by the colorful wonders of nature.

Lake Eola Park

While the beauty of nature is truly something to behold, there is a unique kind of beauty to be had in that of the urban world with its sparkling lights and neon signs. Well, no place better finds balance between the two than Lake Eola Park! Lying in downtown Orlando, this lake sits nestled amongst the concrete and towering walls, with a sidewalk circling the lake perfect for an evening walk as you watch the sun sink below the horizon. As well, if you find yourself with a significant other, and perhaps are looking to be a tad cheesy and cliché, then you might find a joy in renting one of their swan shaped paddle boats. Though, make sure to keep an eye out as actual swans call this area home, and seeing their majestic presence isn’t a rarity by any means. Further, make sure you check out the Walt Disney Amphitheater as they often have concerts, movie and plays! However, while all of this is enjoyable on its own, the true magic of the area comes when the sun sinks, the Orlando skyline lights up, and the towering concrete becomes a work of art adding to an already peaceful area. If you are looking to discovery the beauty that a concrete jungle can bring, as well as get a chance to see the wonderous birds that called the area home long before our presence, then make sure you come see Lake Eola Park!

Split Oak Forest

When one thinks of Orlando, and the city at large, hiking is probably one of the last things you’d expect to find. However, Split Oak Forest shows that you don’t have to go far from the city to once again be part of nature and find great Orlando views. This 2,000-acre prairie and scrub preserve hosts a wide variety of hikes that are clearly marked and sure to satisfy any skill level. You’ll find yourself cast back into Florida’s natural landscape of gnarled trees and eerie wetlands that existed before our presence and will continue to do so long after. When hiking here, you will discover a great many things that you wouldn’t expect to find so close to the city. You’ll find a wide variety of lakes and ponds which dot the area and are just calling for you to rest your weary legs upon their banks. Keep your eyes peeled however, because a great many wild animals can be found hidden amongst the dark green trees. At the center of this wondrous forest, you’ll find the centerpiece and namesake, a 200-year-old oak tree; the journey to reach it makes for a tranquil hike all its own. So, if you find yourself starting to feel a bit claustrophobic amongst the towering concrete giants and are yearning to take a break and recharge under the protected limbs of oaks, make sure you check out Split Oak Forest today!

Moss Park

If you were surprised that hiking could be found within the city, you just might have to sit down when you find out that you can even find camping close by! At Moss Park you’ll find a myriad of hiking trails to walk, where you’ll pass gloomy, gnarled trees that stretch out their long fingers, casting you in shadow. You’ll also find the perfect camping spot for any novice camper; they have all the necessities one needs for an easy camping trip, including bathrooms and showers! Further, you’ll be surprised to find that even though this truly is a wilderness tucked away within a city, there is a variety of wild animals who call it home, including deer! So, if you are looking for someplace nearby where you can take a break from the city, and truly be surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, then make sure you give Moss Park a visit.

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