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Top 5 Local Shops to Visit in Orlando

In this day and age of mega-corporations and chain stores, we often can miss the simple pleasure at browsing a store which was someone’s dream and who’s pride can be seen radiating from the very shelves. Even in a large city like Orlando, these kinds of small local shops can still be found, and for that reason we have put together a list of the top five local shops to visit for the best shopping in Orlando!

The Lovely Boutique and Market

There is something interesting about vintage clothing, something about seeing and even owning a piece of fashion history. Well, at The Lovely Boutique and Market, they know this well and have done their best to offer a wide selection of not only vintage clothing but furniture as well. Further, you will also find a selection of locally made art to go with your new vintage dress. You’ll find items from over 40 different collectors and artisans, ensuring a wide range of styles that are sure to meet any taste. When it comes to clothes, you’ll find a wide selection of cuts and styles, ranging from elegant and beautiful to colorful and fun. You’ll also find a selection of paintings that are sure to have you gazing in wonder at the artisans’ craftmanship. You’ll also find metalwork and statues which are sure to stand as the perfect talking point in your home. If you find you aren’t able to quite find the time to visit during your stay, fear not, for they even offer online shopping! So, why not take a trip back to the past and see all that made that time special, as well as perfect finds from the modern-day as well, at The Lovely Boutique and Market!

Freehand Goods

There is nothing quite like an item made from a loving and skillful hand rather than a cold unfeeling machine that just makes cookie-cutter copies. Nobody understands the hidden beauty within handmade items like Freehand Goods, who have made it their life’s purpose to provide the community with a selection of handmade leather items and grooming supplies. Here you will find key chains, backpacks, and wallets all made with steady hands, each one slightly different than the last. You will also find a large selection of aftershaves, colognes, and body wash, all of which come in a range of scents and fragrances which are sure to have you closing your eyes in sensational bliss. Further, you will also find candles, shirts, hand sanitizer, hats, and patches, all of which are handmade and truly a staple of the love and commitment that can be found within Orlando’s local crowd, making this shop one of the best stores in Orlando. So, if you are looking for that perfect little gift for that special someone, or even a gift to yourself having known that you are long overdue a special little something to bring a smile to your face, make sure you check out Freehand Goods today!


Many of us have heard of the new age movement, and some of us may even find ourselves part of this belief system. However, no matter if you are just curious or an avid believer, make sure you check out Avalon today! This quaint spiritual store offers a surprisingly wide selection of various items ranging from books on the subject of spirituality, healing, and self-help to candles and incense which will fill your home with calming and welcoming scents. They have potions, crystals, herbs, and oils to purify and lift the mind and soul, as well as stationary to write down your inner thoughts and music to fill your home with the sounds of serenity. You’ll even find Buddhist singing bowls, rocks, and sage/smudging kits. This is just a small list of the wide selection of products that you will find in this small hole-in-the-wall shop. If you are looking for something unique during your stay, make sure to ask them about their one-hour readings which include everything from tarot card readings to channeling. If you yourself are looking to discover the art of divination, make sure you check out their wide selection of tarot cards and other supplies. If you’re seeking a place of rest where you can relax and explore the shelves of curiosities and supplies for the spiritual, make sure you come and give Avalon a try!


While it is one of the most magical times of a person’s life, the months of pregnancy and the year after can be some of the hardest, most stressful times for a person to go through. MacroBaby is here to help you make the experience as easy and carefree as your vacation! This truly unique shop sells everything you could imagine for your little angel and offers a wide selection of the top baby brands, including Baby Jolie, Ski Hop, and Mima. You’ll find everything from strollers to car seats to booster seats, clothing, bedding, and everything in between for some of the best shopping in Orlando. Even once your little one grows up a bit, they’ll still have the supplies you so desperately need, including bath and potty items! Don’t worry though, as not everything is for your bundle of joy, as they even have stuff for the new mom as well! You’ll find mom care products such as body pillows, but also the necessities like nursing and feeding gear. As well, you’ll not only find the option to create a baby registry, but they even offer one on one consultations with product specialists who can ensure you are getting exactly what you need. This alone makes this store quite unique, but to further it, they even offer 4D ultrasound packages so you can see your new family member before they have even stepped foot in our world. If you find yourself expecting, or perhaps know someone who is, make sure you stop by MacroBaby!

Three Masks

We all have some level of interest in art. For some, it is the art of the brush, while others enjoy the art of the pan and fork and still others the art of the written word. Well, come to Three Masks today and be introduced to cultural arts that have long since been overlooked! Here at Three Masks, you won’t find your typical western still lives, but rather a large selection of African art and gifts! You’ll find masks carved out of wood with all the care of a surgeon, you’ll find sculptures made with all the love and passion of Michelangelo, you’ll see some art that’s abstract, some that feature images and likenesses important to African culture. As well, you will find such items as mud clothes, necklaces, and sage. Further, if you are a lover of music, make sure you check their wide variety of unique African instruments that are sure to add that extra something to any musician’s song. However, they don’t just offer art for you to discover and take home, but offer a variety of events including poetry open mic nights, drum classes, painting, and snacks, etc. If you find your explorer’s itch not satisfied and are looking to truly explore the world, inquire with them about their guided tours of Africa! If you are an art lover, or someone looking to discover a new culture, then make sure you check out Three Masks!

If reading about any of these shops has you already planning a visit, make sure you contact Magical Vacation Homes at 407-552-6155 to book your rental property in Orlando!