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Top 5 Local Restaurants

Food is one of those things that everyone seems to like and enjoy; the only thing that differs is what that specific food is! There is no better time to let your inner foodie out to play than when you are on vacation. For those foodies out there who are looking for something to try, we’ve put together a list of the top five local restaurants Orlando hosts!

Mama Sunni’s

In this modern age, it seems that the local sit-down spot is becoming a class all of its own thanks to the birth and evolution of the food truck. Mama Sunni’s is one of those trucks and is only open a couple of days of the week. However, while it may not be sit-down, and they may not be open overly often, when they are, it goes without saying that they are a must-try! Offering a wide selection of Caribbean favorites from jerk ribs and chicken to plantains and beans, you’re sure to find something here to tantalize your taste buds. If you find yourself traveling with any vegetarians, fear not, for they have a selection of vegetarian options as well, including collard greens, a vegetarian/cauliflower box, etc. So, if you are on the go and looking for something to eat as you explore, make sure you keep Mama Sunni’s in mind!

Border Grill Fresh-Mex

Mexican food has started to almost become a staple of American restaurants and can be found almost anywhere you go. However, while you do have plenty of choices for warm, savory, and perfectly seasoned Mexican food, if you are truly looking for food that will make you want to run south of the border, then come and try Border Grill Fresh-Mex! Serving a diverse selection of classic dishes, you’ll find such favorites as chips and salsa, nachos supreme, (Who doesn’t enjoy digging into a steaming pile of chips, melted cheese, and fresh toppings?), chimichangas, a wide variety of enchiladas, several types of tacos, sizzling fajitas, and more! Even the vegetarians among us will be able to have a diverse selection at one of the best local restaurants in Orlando as their menu contains a section just for our green eating friends. They understand that sometimes we don’t feel like getting dressed and prepped; rather, we’d prefer to lounge on the couch as is and have the food delivered to our very feet. For those days, they offer delivery through most of the common delivery apps. So, if you’d like to truly taste the border and be reminded of just why the flavors of Mexico are so popular, make sure you check out Border Grill Fresh-Mex!


Sushi is one of those foods that you either love with a burning passion or hate with all your soul. Well, if you are of the former, you will love Kadence, which offers a range of sushi and multi-course tasting menus. However, make sure to call and reserve a spot ahead of time, as they don’t take any walk ins, thus showing how popular this little sushi restaurant has become! Here you won’t just find deliciously fresh sushi; you’ll also find a range of different sakes for you to try, all of which are hand chosen by their certified sake professionals. If you find one that you love, make sure you let them know, as you can purchase many of the bottles of sake found at the bar. Further, if you are looking for that cozy place to share an evening with those you love, keep Kadence in mind, as they have the perfect intimate environment that you seek. So, come and see this Foodie award-winning restaurant for yourself and see why so many have flocked to their welcoming doors!

Sealam Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine

There are points while on vacation that we get that urge to try something new, something unique, something that we just may never again have a chance to try. Well, Sealam hits all these marks, as they are a local restaurant in Orlando serving a wide selection of different Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes which you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else! Not only do they do dine-in and take-out, but you will find dishes you most likely have never heard of before, including Samosa, Kitfo, Shiro, and Cornis. As well, you will find a selection of African beers including Harar, Castle, and Bedele, all of which offer something different and a spin that makes each stand out. Many of the dishes are served as wat, which is a thick stew poured over a type of large sourdough flatbread—a truly different and unique dish that is sure to impress and inspire the chef within. Remember, if you are going to try traditional cuisine, you might as well go all the way and eat it traditionally as well, so put down those forks, pick your suckling meat up, and behold the spicy and complicated flavors of Africa at Sealam Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine!

Ana’s Brazilian Kitchen

As we have discussed, vacations are the perfect time to explore the cuisine and dishes that can be found around the world, and it’s the perfect excuse for trying an entirely new cuisine. Well, if you still are looking for that special flavor you know is out there, make sure you come check out Ana’s Brazilian Kitchen! Here you will find all the favorites from Brazil, though for many of us, this very well might be the first time we are doing so! You’ll find appetizers such as fried yuca, soups of lentil and sausage, beef mixed with the slightly sweet flavor of caramelized onions, beef empanada or parmigiana, chicken breast, flavors of the coast like tilapia, and more! As well, you’ll find some familiar desserts like flan, but also new ones never before seen by most of us including Brigadeiro and Pao de Mel; the warm fall flavors of pumpkin spice will have nothing on their pumpkin dessert! So, if you are looking to take a chance, and try something new and exciting, make sure you give Ana’s Brazilian Kitchen a try!

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