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The ultimate vacation getaway calls for a meal worthy of your adventurous plans. Look no further than Rodizio Grill during your stay here with us in Florida. This Brazilian steakhouse is known for giant slabs of perfectly grilled meat that are sliced right at your table. Take a look at what you can get at Rodizio Grill:

Unique Dining Experience

When you dine at Rodizio Grill, you will not have a typical restaurant dining experience. Instead of ordering an entrée to enjoy on your own, your table will be provided with rotating meats from the grill. Rodizio Grill specializes in a selection of perfectly grilled Brazilian meats that use unique blends and spices. Giant slabs of meat are held on a large skewer that servers will bring around the restaurant. Fresh slices will be cut right at your table and put on your plate. Meats on the menu include tri tip sirloin, chicken wrapped in bacon, Brazilian sausage, and much more. You will absolutely love every protein option that is presented to you during your meal!

Make It a Meal

Of course, protein served on its own does not make for a full meal. Rodizio Grill offers a variety of gourmet salads and hot side items to pair with your meal. Side items include Brazilian white rice, traditional black bean stew, Macarrao, and creamy whipped potatoes. Don’t forget to add in dessert, including Rodizio Grill’s famous glazed and grilled pineapple that is sliced right at your table! Additional options include traditional Brazilian desserts such as caramel flan, cinnamon pastries, and a chocolate mousse torte. Yum!

Brazilian Drinks

It would not be an authentic Brazilian meal without a selection of imported Brazilian beer. The selection varies by location, but our local Rodizio Grill has plenty from which to choose. Wine lovers will also note the Brazilian wines on the menu for a unique twist in your glass.

Finding Rodizio Grill

You can enjoy a delicious meal at Rodizio Grill’s Orlando location found at 9101 International Drive. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The restaurant is able to serve a capacity of 500 guests at a single time, but the large venue has more than enough space for safe dining. The full Rodizio meal that includes meat, sides, and salads starts at $29.99 per person for lunch.