Property Management


Thank you for your interest in Magical Vacation Homes! It is an exciting time here in Central Florida with growing visitors to the Orlando area and with the ever-growing luxury rental vacation properties within Reunion Resort, Champions Gate, and Windsor Hills.

Established in 2007, Magical Vacation Homes is a trusted property management company that has served over 14,000 reservations and welcomed over 94,000 guests. We started out as guests to the area, the owners of vacation rentals, and now owners of our own property management company Magical Vacation Homes. We are truly passionate about our owners and guests' experience. Our team shares a passion for doing things right and delighting our customers with friendly, quality service and affordable prices.

Our Success
Our success is based on our dedicated service to both our owners and guests. We are committed to fulfilling our guest’s dreams by providing a quality vacation experience that exceeds all expectations with a primary focus on personalized service and professional home care. For our owners, we offer maximized revenue potential with our proven marketing approach of dealing directly with the guests, gaining control over our organic marketing. This proven marketing strategy ensures rate integrity for our owners, as well as a high level of customer service and hospitality to our guests, with direct control over the resort and property marketing.

Owner Revenue
Creating owner success, which ultimately leads to our success. We see all of our owners as partners, optimizing exposure of their rental property to its maximum revenue potential.

Property Care
Managing over 62 million dollars worth of real estate, we treat each home as if it were our own to ensure a professional maintenance of the property for our homeowners, whilst delivering magical brand standards to our guests.

Strategic Location
Our winning formula is to only consider select properties within our 3 Resorts. This has resulted in our reputation as one of the "go to" companies by offering the finest portfolio of rental properties in the area. This also gives us a competitive advantage with our field staff ready available, 7 days a week at our resort locations.

We pride ourselves on being a hospitality company for our guests. We live by a simple philosophy; deliver a customer experience that lives up to our name, assuring every vacation is in the best hands for our guests. We are not satisfied unless every vacation is truly magical.

Established in 2007, we have welcomed over 94,000 guests to our managed properties. Our team offers a combined industry experience of over 50 years, ensuring your property is in the best hands.

Magical Concierge
We understand the importance of adding the personal touch of one-on-one contact with each potential guest to help ensure we gain their business. We also believe that direct contact with Guests is an excellent opportunity to perform quality checks and increase the likelihood that the guest will treat the property as if it were their own. We pride ourselves on being the first to pick up the phone and build relationships with these guests through our passion and experience.

We want to make every experience that guests have at Magical Vacation Homes simply magical, leaving our families with hundreds of magical memories for years to come! Our reservations team and care team can only be described as the guests' own genie in a bottle, except this time, the wishes are endless! Our guests can travel to the parks and enjoy more time in the sun when they choose to stay in one of our magical homes at Reunion Resort. We treat every guest as a valued customer and anticipate their needs by making valuable suggestions on everything from equipment rentals, dining, shopping, to activity ideas and time/money-saving tricks! Our guests will be guided through every detail of their vacation, including check-in instructions for their safe and stress-free arrival.

Our Leading Magical Partners

ThirdHome Luxury Property & Travel Club
ThirdHome is the premier travel club for second homeowners who share the mutual mindset for both exploration and luxury. As a creative way to expand the usage of second homes, owners can exchange time in their home for stays at premier luxury destinations worldwide. Magical Vacation Homes is a proud ThirdHome partner, giving owners the opportunity to join this exclusive exchange and travel club with discounted incentives. Join now and learn all about the perks as a ThirdHome premier club member, including a waived initiation fee, arranged complimentary membership, and 5 bonus keys (a total value of $10,000), click the button below:


Your Property Management Begins Here...

For more information on how to become a Magical Vacation Homes partner please contact us or submit your information below in order to receive a rental analysis of your vacation property.  We would love to welcome your vacation rental property onboarding and offer a new home where our families can create new vacation memories!

Owner Reviews

Magical vacation homes manage my two homes and my condo in Reunion. I used to have another management company with my first home and the problem was that they were not able to rent my house. I met with Leigh from magical vacation homes and he gave me a pro forma for my house and he was very accurate with his prediction. They were able to rent my house and increase my occupancy rate significantly in the first 6 months of taking over. Leigh is very smart and has a lot of knowledge and experience in the vacation rental business. He cares about the homes and manages them like they are his own. I rely on his advice and guidance to do what is best for my business. I have given Leigh my second home that I just bought a few months ago and looking forward to working with him and his team on making it a success like my first one.
Reem Ghalib, RVH_262 & RVH_345
Managed Since May 2016


“Our experience working with Magical Vacation Homes has been great. The transition into the program from another rental agency was easy, and the month-to-month management has been excellent. They communicate very well and are quick to answer questions. The owner is quite involved and goes the extra mile to ensure both his homeowners and his visiting customers have a top-notch experience. Magical Vacation Homes also does a great job of booking the home and working with you to meet your financial goals. Bottom line, if I needed a management company, my first call would be to Magical Vacation Homes.
David & Leslie Grimm, RVH_256
Managed Since June 2016


“2017 started with Veronica and I making our largest personal investment in our lives, we looked at Reunion Mansion and were then introduced to Leigh, Bernie and the team on the lunchtime. We left everything that needed to be done to the house to Magical and their contractors as it had never been on the rental market before, so much had to be done, including a brand new games room from scratch, themed bedrooms, and many other small jobs, to turn it from a home into a top quality Rental Property. This is where Leigh and the team excelled, the advice was invaluable, on how to set up the property for rental, and we are so pleased we have had Magical Vacation Homes at our side through all these changes, as they have organized everything and Bernie has overseen the whole process. Reunion Mansion was ready to let in May 2017, and Leigh's sales team have done a terrific job on our property, as there was no previous history so we were starting from zero. I find Magical professional, honest and really good at what they do, I have had no experience with any other company in this field, but we are really happy that we were introduced to Leigh and his team so early in the process, and we are delighted that they are managing and looking after our property investment, whilst getting excellent returns from their marketing process.”
Tony & Veronica Cleary, RVH_330
Managed Since March 2017


“We purchased a new 9 bedroom investment home in Reunion in January 2013. My purpose was to earn a little income while having a nice home our family could use a few times per year. In November 2015 I hired Magical Vacation Homes to book, manage and take care of our home. I have been happy with Magical’s performance. The bookings have increased and are excellent for 2018. Magical’s crew has kept our home clean and looking beautiful. They have updated our home and improved its market appeal, using income the house has generated. I really appreciate Magical’s bookkeeping and timely income and expense reports. I have learned that I can count on their deposit hitting my bank account on the 18 or 19th each month. They are very organized and responsive when I call. They quickly fix any problem which I really appreciate. If you are looking to have your home professionally booked, managed and cared for, Leigh and his people at Magical Vacation Homes are the company to call.”
John Roach, RVH_228
Managed Since November 2015


“Leigh and his team at Magical Vacation homes have done an incredible job of listing and renting our vacation home in Reunion, Florida. So good in fact that after the first year of working with them, we raised our prices so we could reduce bookings, allowing us to use the property more. Now after 2 years, we are considering another price increase because we have to book our own property 6 months in advance just to stay a week there. The fact that they’ve handled everything including obtaining our hotel license, maid and pool service, repairs and the monthly accounting has left me with nothing to do but count the money.”
Robert Brien, RVH_095
Managed Since October 2013


"We have two homes that are managed by Magical Vacation Homes -- one in Reunion and one in Champions Gate.  This is the first time that we built and rented homes in Florida.  Since our first meeting with Leigh and team, they were always extremely professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  We always feel we are in great hands with the team at Magical Vacations Homes.  They understand the hospitality business and are quick to identify and resolve any unexpected issue that arise for our guests.  Everything is handled promptly and courteously.  Our homes are kept in immaculate condition so that every guest who arrives has a wonderful experience.  In addition, their marketing activities within a very competitive market have generated consistently high occupancy rates.  We are very happy with Magical Vacations Home and would certainly recommend them to anyone interested in renting a home for a vacation stay or owning a home as an investment."
Tim & Linda Copacia, RVH_100 & TR_011
Managed Since July 2014


“We managed our own home for five years before appointing Magical Vacation Homes.  We looked at six management companies and chose Leigh, as he said he would increase revenue and take care of our home as if it was his own. We have not been disappointed! He is supported by a dedicated team of professionals who consistently offer our Guests excellent and prompt service.”
Chris & Carole Clegg, RVH_032 & RVH_055
Managed Since November 2012


“We switched from our previous management company to Magical Vacation Homes in 2013.  Our previous management company was not obtaining quality bookings for our Windsor Hills pool home, despite having spent over $60,000 on renovations.  Since switching, our revenue and occupancy has increased dramatically, yet our house is always maintained beautifully. We purchased a second pool home in Windsor Hills in 2014, and Magical Vacation Homes has worked tirelessly with us to help bring the house up to the same quality as our first home and the bookings are now coming in. The team at Magical Vacation Homes are professional, efficient and always there to help and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs a top class property management company.”
Sue Nicolson, MVH_068 & MVH_081
Managed Since June 2013


“Leigh and his team do a great job in all aspects of management. They keep my property in top shape, report issue, and timely handle all interaction with renters.   Magical Vacation Homes knows that we care about the condition and presentation of our home and they manage all occupancy, rates, utilities and repair issues for us. I originally hired Leigh to rent my home until I could sell it, but I have been so pleased with their effort and performance,  that I no longer have my home listed for sale and I just plan to keep it as a rental property.”
David Rancourt, RVH_039
Managed Since April 2013


"Leigh and the rest of the Magical Vacation Homes team have been a great asset to us as we entered into the short term rental market in the Orlando area. Magical Vacation Homes was quickly able to get our first property at Windsor Hills booked up! We have enjoyed stable collections of rents from guests and regular deposits to our bank account. Leigh and the Magical Vacation Homes team have always responded quickly to any concerns we have raised and are creative in problem solving any tricky situations we find ourselves in. As a result of our experiences with Magical Vacation Homes, we were confident to have them manage our new, larger vacation property at Champions Gate, which is booking up quickly! I would recommend Magical Vacation Homes to anyone looking for a short term property manager for their property!"
Sean Jackson, MVH_044 & TR_003
Managed Since August 2011


"We have owned many short term rental properties in the Disney area for 18 years. We have had five different management companies. We wished we had found Magical Vacation Homes sooner. They were by far was the best at marketing the properties and getting the best occupancy rate of any of the other companies. They have a good maintenance department keeping the properties looking and renting well. It is nice not having to spend time or worrying about out investment properties. Due to this rental success we have acquired new properties.”
Jeffrey & Terry Pyle, MVH_037, and TR_010
Managed Since December 2010


"As an out of state property owner, I am very happy with the services Magical Vacation homes provides.  Most importantly, my home is consistently rented and well maintained.  While we experienced a few mechanical issues (air conditioning and refrigerator) this past year, the management company promptly communicated the issues to me and resolved the them at a very reasonable cost.  They also ensured there was minimal impact on the guests experience.  When I visit my home, it is obvious to me that Magical Vacation Homes is doing a great job maintaining the property.  This past year, I decided to upgrade the game room in consultation with Magical Vacation Homes.  They managed all of the renovations and equipment installations during a week when the unit was not rented.  I did not need to worry about a thing and I am very pleased with the outcome.  Lastly, the on-line owner portal and statements are easy to use and intuitive.  Thanks Leigh, Bernie and team."
Michael Leahy, RVH_085
Managed Since June 2014