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The Magical Re-Brand Goes LIVE

A new decade calls for a new start, and we are thrilled to introduce the entire re-brand of Magical Vacation Homes! Look around our website and you’ll notice a complete overhaul from top to bottom. New logo, new design, new colors, but still the same motto, “Experience the Magical Difference”.

The Magical Logo

Our new logo represents our brand better than ever before. With a wand standing tall inside of a house, this portrays the magical difference you experience the moment you enter a magical vacation home. We’re also delighted to display our dazzling magical blue. This represents trustworthiness which we strive to earn from our magical owners and guests. Our star yellow represents optimism and happiness, a powerful combination that delivers our idea of the perfect vacation. Altogether, this forms a logo that we stand by and proudly present to you.

The Website

We have revamped our magical website in order to enhance simplicity for users through a welcoming, modern design. With improved functionality, we are able to deliver the proper information on properties, resorts, amenities, and more. This new system also embodies a family-friendly concept with our new blog feature, giving guests insight on what to expect in Central Florida. Our new and improved “Local Area Guide” has the most up to date activities, local attractions, restaurants, and more in the area. To deliver the concept of a family vacation, we have implemented #MagicalStays, our social media hashtag to our website. This features photos sent in from past guests to share with future families. See who has talked about us! Our beautiful new “Press” page is now live for all to view past articles and recordings Magical Vacation Homes has been featured in. And especially for our owners, we have developed “Stay in the Know”. This page can be used to view company updates, tips, and trends in the vacation home industry.


We have expanded our re-brand onto our work vans, uniforms, guest merchandise, and the welcome center. Those checking in at our offices will be greeted with the new logo behind our check-in desk. Special gifts such as wine and sunglasses have also been re-branded.

The Future

Magical Vacation Homes is ready to take on 2020 and the new decade. With our positive re-branding, we hope to continue delivering excellent guest service while helping form only the best vacation memories. Thank you to all owners who have been with us since before the re-brand, and we hope to continue the magical journey with you for years to come.