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Getting Around Orlando

If you’re looking for a break that includes the sun and warmth of Florida, consider Orlando. There is plenty that goes into planning the perfect getaway, from the things you’ll do and places you go, to where you’ll stay and just how you’ll be getting around Orlando to all your must-do and must-see items on your list. Another to-do is how you’ll travel safely from place to place. There is a myriad of ways, and you can choose which one suits your needs best.

Rental Vehicle

When you touch down at the Orlando airport, your mind is on many different things at once. From where you stowed your carry-on to gathering your whole group to exit the plane together, just getting off the plane is a task of its own. As you go down your mental checklist, you may sigh in relief that your rental vehicle is waiting for you just outside the doors of the airport rental desk. Check in, grab the keys, and head off on your Orlando adventure. Keep your eyes open, Orlando traffic can be tough, especially around construction zones and the major theme parks. Keep in mind, there is no need for a mask when you’re driving a private rental vehicle.

Uber or Lyft

Ride sharing is a popular way to get around any town. It cuts out the mileage, insurance, and other fees of renting a vehicle and still gets you to where you want to go. There is often special parking for Uber and Lyft vehicles, at hotels, theme parks, and other popular destinations, so traveling between spots is a breeze. Drivers know the area – including the shortcuts around construction and traffic backups you would otherwise sit through if you’re following your rental’s GPS. Drivers may require you to wear a mask while in their vehicle.


Many of the neighborhoods where you find a Magical Vacation Homes rental offer many perks and conveniences to residents and guests. The resort neighborhood your rental is in may offer complimentary or low-cost shuttle services to wherever you want to go, whether it’s shopping, the trendiest new restaurant, or another activity or attraction. Since multiple groups may be on the same shuttle, a mask may be required.


Taxis are always an option, too. They offer door-to-door service throughout the city and know all the short cuts and back roads that come from living and working in the area. Make sure to have a mask handy in case your driver requests that you wear one.

Why Book with Us?

When you stay in a vacation home provided by Magical Vacation Homes in Orlando, you’ll enjoy spreading out to relax, unwind, and enjoy your vacation however you want, without worry of how you’ll be getting around in Orlando. You’ll enjoy the easy access to the many area attractions including Disney parks and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! as well as unique shops, dining, and other attractions and activities. Contact us to book your stay in a vacation home in Orlando and start planning your getaway today!